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The NPT series is much stronger than the old design party tent. This is a small clear span tent. The sizes available are 6m, 9m, and 12m. The side heights come in 2.6m. The bay distance is 3m and the upright supports and roof beams are all made out of 100x48x3mm four channel reinforced aluminum alloy. Compared to a traditional party rental frame tent, the value in an engineered clear span tent cannot be beat. We make it affordable for the consumer to finally get a semi permanent structure at a low price.

There are many optional accessories available. These include PVC Sidewalls, Flooring, Glass Walls, ABS walls, 6ft Double Glass Doors, and so on.
Optional Side heights are available. Please contact us for your specific needs.

Seating Chart

Number of people that will fit under a tent

Tent DimensionsSquare FootageAuditorium StyleBanquet TablesRound Tables
20 x 20400653630
20 x 30600985448
20 x 408001307265
30 x 309001509075
30 x 451350225135113
30 x 601800300180150
40 x 401600265150130
40 x 602400400225200
40 x 803200530300260
60 x 603600600330300
60 x 905400900500450
60 x 12072001200660600

Remember to add space for Stages, Dance Floors, Buffet Tables, Etc.

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