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Free standing aluminum pipe structures that has no centerpoles.

A Frame Tent with a contemporary valance that uses ratchets to tighten the top down.

This is your standard walkway tent.Tent is a Aluminum Frame structure.

Your Traditional Cross Cable Tent. A heavy duty Frame Tent with a High Peaked Top.

A light duty Frame tent with a Peaked Top.Sizes from 10' x 10' up to 40' x 80

This is the conversion kit to the All Peak Frame Tent. You Just need a few extra parts

These tents do have centerpoles & requires stakes to hold the canvas.

This is our economy pole tent. It is lighter weight to the traditional pole tent.

A heavy duty Pole Tent with a High Peaked Tent Top. Tent uses stakes.

Free standing aluminum pipe tent with a Kedered Track. No Lacing.

This is the conversion kit to make a frame tent into an All Trac Tent.

A Semi - Permanent frame structure. This Tent is an Engineered Structure.

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trusted-tents-sm'The tents look fantastic!! So much so, that we may want to purchase three more !!! Thank you."  Craig Bucklew- Operations Manager Rawhide Western Town & Event Center

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