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"I"  Sail Frame

The "I"  Sail Frame Tent for Sale. This can be either an Octagon free standing aluminum structure with no center poles for a Square / Rectangular Tent.  The Square / Rectangle is similar to the All Peak Frame tent. This allows for optimum interior space. The tops are made with a durable matte finished off white / ivory 13 oz. translucent vinyl laminate. This material gives the tent an extraordinary vintage look.

Most of our tent tops are expandable in 10 or 15 foot sections to give you the versatility to expand the tent size to a desired length. The frame system is a rigid structure with aluminum tent pipes and galvanized steel connectors. The "I" Sail Frame tent can be secured with tent stakes, anchors, or weights.


• Rigid framework – assembles easily

• No center poles – maximum interior space

• Expandable design. – Interchangeable components

• Octagonal Diagonal Widths:  20’, 30’, and 40’

• Square / rectangle widths - 10', 12', 15', 20',30', and 40'

• Tent Vinyl: first quality 13oz Translucent Laminated – Fabric certified flame retardant – 1” heat sealed overlap seams – Top is 95% heat sealed

• Frame: round aluminum pipe & tubing – Galvanized steel fittings • Expandable middles – sections with lace and grommet connection

• High Peak Masts

• Standard perimeter rope attached for hanging sidewalls


Note: Tents pictured show the style of tent. Picture is not the actual tent or actual size.

Octagon Seating Chart

Tent DimensionsSquare FootageAuditorium StyleBanquet TablesRound Tables
20 x 20292353015
20 x 30492805040
20 x 406921107060
30 x 306381006550
30 x 45108817511090
30 x 601538250150125
40 x 40113018011090
40 x 601930300190160
40 x 802730425275225

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