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17 oz Material

New And Improved Tent Material Infinity Tent Sales has been spent a good part of last year developing a heavier duty, 4-ply, long lasting, pinhole resistant tent material. I am happy to announce we have perfected this product and the ...
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Commercial Tents

What really classifies a commercial tent or even an industrial tent? When I search the internet for commercial tents I see a lot of headlines claiming "Commercial Tents", "Industrial tents" or "Heavy Duty Tents". But are they really that commercial? ...
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Are all 16oz Tent Materials the Same?

So do you think All 16oz tent materials are the same? Quick Answer is NO. It is like saying all light beers, carpets or colas are the same. Material can weigh 16oz per square yard but there are many factors ...
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Party Tents for Sale

Buy from Infinity Tent Sales

Why Buy From Infinity Tent Sales? Infinity Tents for Sale provides high performance tent materials that the quality and workmanship surpasses industry standards. Buy Party Tents  for Commercial or Residential applications. Our tent tops are made with extra layers of ...
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Infinity Tent Sales logo

Great News

After 36 years we have changed our name from is now INFINITY TENT SALES  is one of the TOP event & party rental TENT MANUFACTURERS in the United States. After 36 years in the business we are changing our name ...
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clear top frame tent

Clear Top Tents

Clear Tent Top by Infinity Tent Sales provides the beauty of the natural outdoors. It allows the interior to be unobstructed for an extraordinary view during the day or night. Also the tent will make a great back drop for ...
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Trusted Brand

What is a "Trusted Brand"?    Well for Infinity Tent Sales , formerly All Seasons,  means that we have dealt with and sold millions of square feet for tents and sidewalls to customer over the past 33 years and our tent ...
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Party Tent Care for Vinyl Tents

PARTY TENT CLEANING: Tents should be cleaned regularly. Any dust, dirt, sand, etc. will act like an abrasion to the vinyl material. Tents should be cleaned with an approved cleaner like All Seasons Tent Sale tent cleaner or you could ...
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