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Are all 16oz Tent Materials the Same?

So do you think All 16oz tent materials are the same?

Quick Answer is NO.

It is like saying all light beers, carpets or colas are the same.

Material can weigh 16oz per square yard but there are many factors that go into the manufacturing process as well as the quality control procedures.

We use a 4 ply Made in America materials. The adhesion process to the scrim is one of the best in the country. If the adhesion is not strong enough, then the layers will separate from the scrim and start to peel off. This causes premature pin holes and wicking in the material. This will lead to a shorter use life. Hence the top from the other manufacturer might have been cheaper, but when the tops have to be replaced every three years, it will cost you in the end. Infinity Tents for Sale provides high performance tent materials that the quality and workmanship surpasses industry standards. You will definitely notice the difference in the long run.

We know once you see our product, test it out, and feel the difference, you will be a satisfied customer.

Just remember the old saying, you get what you pay for and at Infinity you get great value for a great product.