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Commercial Tents

What really classifies a commercial tent or even an industrial tent?

When I search the internet for commercial tents I see a lot of headlines claiming "Commercial Tents", "Industrial tents" or "Heavy Duty Tents". But are they really that commercial? It depend on how you look at it. Is a commercial tent just from a company that sells tents rather than an individual? or Is the specifications of the tent one of the best in the market?

Remember, Trust but verify.

Do your research. If the price for what you are buying seams too good to be true, you are not really getting they most for your money.

Infinity Tent Sales uses a 2" round tubing x .125" or 11 gauge wall thickness and is a T6-6061 hard pressed aluminum for our Commercial Frame Tents. The T6-6061 aluminum is the strongest extruded aluminum made. Also to note: Which seams backwards, but the higher the gauge of thickness is actually thinner. Example . 11 gauge is .125" or 1/8" thick. A 22 gauge material is .03125" or 1/32" thick.

As for the material for the tent cover. Again we use an American Made 4 ply 16oz per sq yard vinyl laminate.  Not a polyethylene cover ( like a tarp ) that weighs only 2oz per sq yard like other companies.

Infinity Tent Sale tent tops can last over 15 years if maintained & cleaned regularly. What do they claim??

Also other company's tents come with Temporary anchors. What is that all about? Infinity Tent sells a 1" thick  x 42" long Steel stake. Again, no comparison.

Trusted Brand

So at first when someone sees online a heavy duty commercial tent, look at the specifications.  Compare to really what you are getting. Infinity Tent sales has manufactured a quality commercial tent since 1982 and has a trusted reputation of providing a quality product.

I have had several customers buy carports and pop up tents from an online company they are just a redistributor of tents.  Infinity Tent Sales is the manufacturer so you are buying direct. Once people found out that these so called "commercial tents" are not that heavy duty and some didn't even last a year.

So here is a recap.

• American Made Materials
• Heavy Duty Tents Made in the USA
Market Leader in Quality Manufacturing for the past 37 years
• Reinforced Stress Points
• Lower Prices with a Comparable Product
• Proven Product that will Last

For a complete listing of a TRUE Commercial Tents, click on this link for our Tent styles. https://tents4sale.com/party-tent-styles-for-sale/

If you have any questions, please contact us at 913-762-9206 or sales@tents4sale.com


The Infinity Tent Sales Team