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2020 Series of Tent Styles. Quality Commercial Party Tents for Sale

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Free standing aluminum pipe structures that has no centerpoles.

A Frame Tent with a contemporary valance that uses ratchets to tighten the top down.

This is your standard walkway tent.Tent is a Aluminum Frame structure.

Your Traditional Cross Cable Tent. A heavy duty Frame Tent with a High Peaked Top.

A light duty Frame tent with a Peaked Top.Sizes from 10' x 10' up to 40' x 80

This is the conversion kit to the All Peak Frame Tent. You Just need a few extra parts

These tents do have centerpoles & requires stakes to hold the canvas.

This is our economy pole tent. It is lighter weight to the traditional pole tent.

Free standing aluminum pipe tent with a Kedered Track. No Lacing.

This is the conversion kit to make a frame tent into an All Trac Tent.

Sail Cloth Tent

Sail Cloth Tent. Hexagon free standing aluminum structure with no center poles.

Sail Cloth Tent

This Sailcloth Tent resembles the All Peak Pole Tent. Aluminum or Vintage wood pole options.

A heavy duty Pole Tent with a High Peaked Tent Top. Tent uses stakes.

Please take your time & review the several different Commercial Tents for Sale, as well as, Industrial Tents for Sale, and Heavy Duty tents for Sale. Furthermore, We carry 13 different Commercial tent styles for you to choose from. We even have a tent comparison chart for you to compare the best tent for your application. As a result, These tents are the most common rental tents to buy.


What We Do...

We specialize int the Special Event Tent industry. And another point, Others also benefit from us as a commercial tent supplier and manufacturer. Here at Infinity Tent Sales, we know what it takes for you to have a successful event so, most importantly,  you can rely on our expertise to help you get the best tent at the best price.

In conclusion, If you have any questions regarding your tent selection, please feel free to contact us.

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Craig Bucklew

Operations Manager Rawhide Western Town & Event Center

'The tents look fantastic!! So much so, that we may want to purchase three more !!! Thank you."