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Tent Repairs

If you need some tent repairs, we sell glues and pin hole patch. This is a do-it-yourself fix to save you money.

If you need major tent repairs, we can fix your tents right at out warehouse. We can fix webbing, tent material, laces, grommets, and other tent related materials.

Note: Tents must be cleaned before we can work on them. If you are not available to clean before shipping, we can provide that service.

Contact us and we will be able to help.

Shipping Weight Chart in pounds
10 x 102620 x 4017030 x 6040040 x 120960
12 x 123620 x 5022040 x 4032060 x 60800
15 x 158020 x 6028040 x 6048060 x 901200
20 x 209030 x 3020040 x 8064060 x 1201600
20 x 3012030 x 4530040 x 10080060 x 1502000

Weight for sidewall =1 pound per linear foot.  ex.  8' x 30 ' = 30lbs.

Note: weight does not include racks or pallets


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