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Tent Sidewalls for Party Tents

We sell tent sidewalls for a Low Price. No matter what party rental tent you own, we can make tent sidewalls for sale. Save money. We sell TOP QUALITY vinyl Sidewalls for all types of tents. Affordable, Quality, and Reliable tent sides.

Buy Party Tent Side Walls

Our tent sidewalls for party rental tents are 99% compatible with other tent manufactures. The sidewalls are made with a 13oz translucent vinyl material. If you want to upgrade to 16oz block out material, we can do that to. Infinity Tent Sales can also produce colored sidewalls, as well as, Striped Side walls. As for the clear walls, we make them with a 20 gauge material that is our standard walls. If needed and you want something more durable, we can upgrade to to a 30 gauge clear material. This material is 50% thicker. Our Standard Walls come with velcro closures. If you need lap and snap, we can do that also for you.

Did You Know...

All of our tent side walls are made in our manufacturing facility right here in the USA. These are not imported for cheaply made. We take pride in making quality tent side walls. If you need custom Tent Sidewalls, please send us a drawing. We can make about pretty much anything.

Please contact us or  your sales representative for more details.